The Talking Thermostat™

Model VT3000

For Up to 3 Stages Heating and 2 Stages Cooling, Conventional or Heat Pump Systems

For 24V Single Transformer System Only

Model VT1007


  • Operates on up to 3 stages gas, oil or electric heating & up to 2 stages cooling, conventional or heat pump systems
  • Weekday / Weekend ("5/2") Programmable Operation
  • Four separate time and temperature settings for Weekday / Weekend
  • Stores both heat and cool temperature program settings
  • Audio instructions for setting up day/time and programmable operation
  • Audio "Help" message for assistance if heating or cooling problem occurs
  • Battery powered (4 "AA" alkaline)
  • Audio & display screen alert messages for Filter, System Service, UV Light Service (optional) and Low Batteries
  • F or C temperature operation (range 40° F / 4° C to 90° F / 32° C)
  • 7 terminals for 24V single transformer systems
  • O/B terminals for heat pump systems
  • Freeze protection: automatic heat when temperature less than 40° F / 4° C
  • W2 terminal for second stage heat or back up heat for heat pump systems
  • Y2 terminal for second stage cooling / second stage compressor heat pump systems
  • Emergency heat capability if heat pump is inoperable
  • Adjustable settings for second stage / back up heating

Optional Capabilities

  • Manual or Programmable Operation: Change operation from manual to programmable by pressing the PROG button. When "Program is Off" is heard it operates as a conventional thermostat and temperature setting adjusts by pressing the UP or DOWN (arrow) keys. When “Program is ON” is heard it operates as a programmable thermostat and temperature settings automatically adjust four times a day.
  • Silent or Audio Instructions: Voice instructions for setting Day & Time and Programmable Operation can be turned on or off
  • Off the Wall Programming: Front plate of thermostat can be detached for program set up away from the wall mounted base.
  • Auto Change-Over Operation: Heating or cooling automatically runs as indoor temperature requires. Eliminates going to thermostat to change from heat to cool (of vice versa)
  • Indoor Air Quality Fan Operation: Fan automatically runs the programmed number of minutes, each hour, to insure healthy air filtration. Eight optional run time settings are available


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