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How to Order a Talking Thermostat

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The Talking Thermostat™

Introducing a comfort control system so simple to use you’ll never need a manual!

Click on any "bubble" to hear thermostat (click twice if your browser requires).

Model VT1007

Do you have electronic devices that could work great but you can’t find the directions on how to use or adjust them? Or, if you did find the manual, you couldn’t understand what it said? Does this describe the “it would save me money if I knew how it operates” thermostat on your wall?

Well then, say hello to the Talking Thermostat. And don’t be surprised when it talks back! The Talking Thermostat is designed with clear, concise, easy-to-follow voice instructions to guide you through comfort control adjustments which will help you avoid utility overpayments. For your additional comfort and peace of mind, when pressed, the “HELP” button on the Talking Thermostat conveniently plays back the name and phone number of your local service provider. And to help you maintain peak system performance, the Talking Thermostat gently reminds you to change your air filter (and, if you have an air purification system, the UV light bulb) when needed. It even alerts you when your cooling and heating system has run the recommend time for routine maintenance service (which prevents premature equipment failure and excessive energy use).

The bottom line is this: The Talking Thermostat helps you avoid costly utility overpayments while providing the peace of mind that your cooling and heating system is operating at its peak efficiencies.

Just “Hear” What the Talking Thermostat Can Do!

20 Valuable, Comfort-Enhancing Benefits of Owning a Talking Thermostat:

E-Z Talk Through Instructions

Easily adjust the comfort level in your home, day and night, summer and winter without ever having to hunt for an operations manual.

Avoid Utility Overpayments

Stop wasting your hard-earned dollars heating and cooling your home when you’re not there! Adjust the temperature automatically for wake-up, leave, return and sleep times to maximize your comfort and lower utility bills.

Check Filter Alert

A friendly audio and display alert reminds you to change your filter. Dirty air filters not only harm your heating and cooling system, they can trigger allergic reactions or asthma attacks.

Check UV Light Alert

If you have an air purification system that uses a UV light to kill viruses, bacteria and other air pathogens, this alert can be set to remind you when its time to change the UV light bulb.

Call For Service Alert

Improper maintenance can rob you of valuable energy dollars, leave minor system problem undiagnosed and lead to more serious conditions later on. Just like the “service now” light in your car, the Talking Thermostat automatically displays “CFS” (Call For Service), flashes a small red light and, when the “REPORT” button is pressed, plays an audio reminder when the heating and cooling system has run the recommend time for routine maintenance service.

Low Battery Alert

“LO BAT” displays and voice alert indicates when replacement batteries are needed.

Compressor Protection

A built-in time delay prevents “short cycling” damage to your most expensive system component, the outdoor compressor.

Freeze Protection

If your Talking Thermostat is turned off, it will still automatically turn on heat if the indoor temperature falls to 40º F, protecting your home even if you’re not there!

5/2 Comfort Control

When used as a programmable thermostat, weekday (5 days) and weekend (2 days) can be setup with four different time and temperature settings.

Controls up to 3 Stages Heating and 2 Stages Cooling

Operates on most conventional & heat pump multi-stage heating and cooling systems. See each model's features for the one appropriate to your system.

Optional Auto Change-Over Operation (VT3000 Only)

Heating or cooling automatically runs as indoor temperature requires. Eliminates going to the thermostat to change from heat to cool (or vice versa).

Optional Indoor Air Quality Fan Operation (VT3000 Only)

Fan automatically runs the programmed number of minutes, each hour, to insure healthy air filtration. Eight (8) optional run time settings are available.

Manual Operation

If conventional operation is preferred, change it to a manual thermostat by pressing the ON/OFF button until “Program is OFF” is heard. All other audio messages will continue to operate.

Option to Lock Out Programmable Operation

If you’ll never use programmable operation, it can be locked out to prevent accidentally engaging it.

Option to Lock Out All Operations

A “full” lock out that prevents unauthorized users from making changes, e.g. adjusting temperature setting, changing programmable times and temperatures, etc.

“Armchair” Programming

Allows you to program the thermostat away from the wall mounted sub base. No need to stand at the wall to make changes!

Battery Back Up

If the power goes out, the Talking Thermostat keeps all of your programmed personal comfort settings.

Lighted Display

The screen automatically illuminates anytime a button is pressed making it easy to see display information even in the dark.

Sight Impaired Models

The Visually Impaired Programmable (“VIP”) line of Talking Thermostats has enhanced audio play back so blind and sight impaired users can independently set up and operate their thermostat. A CD disk with audio instructions on how to use the thermostat is also included.

Lifetime Guarantee

If the “HELP” button message includes a lifetime guarantee, your dealer will replace it free of charge in the rare event your Talking Thermostat fails.

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