Casey™ FAQ

Is it expensive?

No, Casey™ was specifically designed to be an affordable detector that helps save money by quickly spotting problems before they become major equipment repairs and high utility bills.

How do I tell if my heating, A/C or Casey™ is working correctly?

Once each moth we automatically receive a routine report on your heating and cooling system confirming everything is ok. With the optional “Customer Alert Switch” you can request a computerized system performance review anytime you press the button.

Do I still need service technician check-ups?

Yes, you still should routinely have your service technician clean and inspect your system.  Casey™’s early problem detection works together with your service technician to prevent unexpected loss of comfort and expense.

Why would a new high-energy efficient system need Casey™?

By using a computer, we can fine-tune your system to perform at its peak efficiency. A report from actual field surveys concluded that 90% of the systems tested were operating below the manufacturer’s efficiency specifications.  Casey™ makes sure your system is installed correctly and stays that way so you get the most for your heating & cooling dollars.

Will the Casey™ modem disrupt my telephone calls?

No, being able to detect phone use, Casey™ waits until the line is clear and then takes less than one minute to transmit its report.

Will Casey™ affect my heating or A/C systems or warranty?

No, Casey™ does not modify any of your systems’ components and will not void your warranty. It simply monitors performance and is safely used on all brands of furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners.

How do I get Casey HVAC monitoring protection installed?

To have Casey™ installed, contact us with your name, zip code and phone number, for the nearest authorized Casey™ authorized contractor dealer in your area.  Or, if preferred, have your heating and cooling service company contact SmartWay Solutions at 866-743-5663 about becoming an authorized Casey™ contractor dealer.


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