Casey™ HVAC Monitor

Introducing a revolutionary new concept designed to save you thousands on energy costs and unnecessary furnace or air conditioner repairs and replacements!

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61% of every dollar you spend on energy heats or cools your home! *

Water Heating 15%
Kitchen Appliances 12%
Other 10%
Lighting 2%

Prepared by LSU and the Louisiana Cooperative extension service in cooperation with the USDA

If your furnace or air conditioning is not operating efficiently, you're wasting energy and driving your utility bills sky high!

And if your system is not operating at peak efficiency, you're also risking a breakdown!
Here's a potential list of breakdowns caused by an inefficient furnace or air conditioner…and average cost to repair:

Air Conditioner

Compressor $591
Condenser Motor $336
Dirty Evaporator Coil $572
Dirty Condenser Coil $155
Contactor $186


Blower Fan $341
Blower Motor $405
Replace Burners $371
Fan Limit Switch $274
Heat Exchanger $805

Unless you're a trained heating and air conditioning technician, you have no way of knowing how well your system is operating.

  • Are you wasting energy and making the utility companies rich?
  • Could a major repair be right around the corner?

The Sonny Knobloch Story…

Sonny is a top notch heating and air conditioning contractor based in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He's a member of the New Orleans Energy Advisory Board with the LSU Extension Service and was recently cited by the U.S. Department of Energy for his work in energy innovation.

For many years, Sonny tried to show his friends and customers how to conserve energy by keeping their furnaces and air conditioners operating at peak efficiency. He also warned them that poorly maintained systems would ultimately quit long before their normal life expectancy. Over the years, Sonny has actually replaced millions of dollars in equipment that only lasted half the life they were designed to provide!

Frustrated with this waste, he decided to persue an idea he'd had for some time.  He teamed up with a group of computer and electrical engineering wizards and after two very intense years of development, testing and fine tuning, his concept became a reality.

Sonny and his team had created what may be the most significant development in home energy savings and furnace and air conditioner maintenance in years!

Meet Casey…your personal home technician.

Casey CharacterCasey is a computerized monitoring system that can be installed in your existing furnace or air conditioning equipment

Casey watches your system with strategically located sensors that measure a number of different performance and efficiency factors.

With Casey in your system, it's just like having a highly trained service technician watching your equipment 24 hours a day…7 days a week…365 days every year!

Casey at work in your air conditioning system

  • You're perfectly comfortable and you hear no unusual noises. But Casey spots a problem!
  • Your outdoor coils are becoming blocked with dirt and leaves…raising the head pressure to high energy consumption and compressor damaging levels!
  • In a split second, Casey sends a "800" call, on your phone line, to our central monitoring station with a detailed report of what's going on.
  • We notify you and make arrangements to come to your home, if necessary and make any adjustments or repairs.
  • Your system is back on the energy-savings track and you have avoided a $600 bill for a new compressor…or worse!

And at work in your furnace…

  • Again, you're perfectly comfortable and you hear no unusual noises. But Casey Spots a problem!
  • The furnace is getting too hot. The gas regulator is malfunctioning causing the burners to over fire. Excessive heat is unsafe. It can damage your furnace and even your heat exchanger. High temperatures and stress could lead to a very costly breakdown.
  • Once again, Casey sends an "800" call, on your phone line, to our central monitoring station with a detailed report of what's going on.
  • We notify you and make arrangements to come to your home, if necessary and make any adjustments or repairs.
  • Your system is back on the energy-savings track and you may have avoided a complete system replacement costing thousands!

Here's how Casey works to save you thousands on energy costs, repairs, and early replacements:

  • if your system gets dirty, Casey can tell us before dirt build-up increases your energy bills. He can warn us before that dirt build up causes a system failure.
  • If your system loses refridgerant, he'll phone us before the coils start to freeze up.  Refridgerant loss can permanently damage your compressor and could lead to a complete system replacement.
  • In the event of a power failure, Casey's battery back-up allows him to notify us if the power is out for more than an hour, When the power is restored, he will send a "back on the job" report.
  • If water collects in your emergency drain pan, he'll send us an alarm right away. An overflow could cause damage to your walls, flooring or carpeting.
  • If your condensation pump gets stopped up or quits, Casey is back on the phone telling us all he knows.
  • If you're away in the winter for a week or even months, Casey will alarm us if the temperature is dropping too low.  You'll avoid the possibility of frozen or even burst pipes.
  • If you're away in the summer for a week or two, he'll warn us if the temperature is rising.  High heat and humidity could damage home furnishings.
  • If your basement is subject to flooding, Casey will be the first to know before things get out of hand.
  • Whether Casey finds a problem or not, he will send us a monthly report on your systems operation.  We will forward these reports to you on a quarterly basis.  Documented reports on your comfort system could be a valuable sales tool should you decide to sell your home.
  • Casey is custom calibrated for your particular furnace or air-conditioning system. He is programmed t help you lower your energy cost and greatly extend the life of your furnace or air conditioner.  Casey can help you get all the useful life your equipment was designed to provide. He will put energy dollars back into your pocket. And he can help you avoid serious repairs or replacement costs.

Casey can guarantee your peace of mind

  • if you'd like to save up to 30% on your utility bills, by keeping your system operating at correct performance levels!
  • If you'd like to get all the life and comfort your new furnace or air conditioner was designed to provide, by keeping them in constant good health!
  • If you own vacation or second homes, by acting as your personal caretaker…guarding against damaging temperature extremes!
  • If you're away most of the day, by making sure you never come home to a house without heat or air conditioning!
  • If someone in for family is bedridden, handicapped, elderly or visually impaired, by protecting their comfort while you're away!
  • If you own rental property by acting as your "watchdog" and protecting your investment!

How do I get Casey HVAC monitoring protection installed?

To have Casey™ installed, contact us with your name, zip code and phone number, for the nearest authorized Casey™ authorized contractor dealer in your area.  Or, if preferred, have your heating and cooling service company contact SmartWay Solutions at 866-743-5663 about becoming an authorized Casey™ contractor dealer.

Casey Character

I can help you avoid many equipment failures that often lead to early and costly system replacement.  I can help put energy dollars back into your pocket and I can help keep you more comfortable all year!

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